Building a website doesn't have to be difficult.

Plug & Play Wix Website Template

for Hairstylists

How to convert your followers to loyal clients with a Plug & Play Wix Website Template for Hair Stylists in as little as two days.

Does this sound familiar?

You know you need a branded website to convert potential guests, but a professional website builder is out of your budget, and DIY just seems too hard...


A few years ago I realized that having a website was an absolute must, so I took a website building course, built a website… and hated it.


So I built it again, and again, and again until I finally had a beautiful website that actually turned potential guests into booked, loyal clients.


I don’t even want to think about how many hours/months/literally years this took!

Know this all
too well?


You want to elevate your online presence

with a branded website but you don’t know where to start?


You’ve been looking for a website that is actually designed for hairstylists

and you just can’t find one.


You worked with a website designer who didn’t quite get your vision

and you know it’s just not converting potential guests.


You feel like you’re techy enough to design a website from scratch

but you aren’t sure what the flow should be or how to convey your salon experience.

Did you know

there is a way to have a branded, beautiful, custom website that you can actually DIY yourself in as little as 2 days?


The Plug & Play Wix Website Template for Hairstylists is a complete system, designed for you to DIY by yourself or with the help of a virtual assistant, so that you can get your dream clients off of Instagram and funnel them right into your chair.

Hey, I'm Laura

I’m a hairstylist here to help you refine your guest experience, improve your business systems, and fill your books with dream clients who absolutely rave about you. Over the years I’ve unlocked the secrets to building a full book of incredible humans, and I want to help you do the same.


After quickly learning how possible it is to DIY a website, but also how time consuming it is, I started helping other beauty professionals create custom websites that they can actually maintain themselves.


When the feedback started rolling in about how many compliments they get on their website, and just how many absolute dream clients they’re booking, I knew I needed to find a way to help more hairstylists have the same success with their websites.


Now, I help ambitious stylists elevate their online presence so they can get their dream clients off on Instagram and into their chair.​

You might be wondering…

What's the difference between a basic website and a website uniquely designed for hairstylists?

Traditional websites spew facts at the potential customer, like what products or the services they offer. This is great for some industries, but it doesn’t convert well in the beauty industry and here’s why:


Part of the transformation that we promise as hairstylists is to have a beautiful experience from start to finish. Therefore, a high converting website for hairstylists needs to take the client on a journey of what to expect from the moment they step into our salon to the time they leave- and beyond.


When you utilize a website template designed specifically for hair stylists, it allows your guest to envision the transformation they are going to experience the entire time they work with you. 

Here's the deal...

A simple website template just isn’t enough for you to have a website that truly converts your dream clients. Which is why this isn’t just a template- it’s a whole system.


When you purchase today you won’t just save yourself time and energy, you’ll also gain access to:


Wix Website Template

that is fully customizable, with a perfectly designed flow that helps potential guests envision the experience they will have in your chair.


The Brand Builder's Blueprint

video & workbook training to help you clearly define your target market, mission statement, and brand voice.


3 Detailed Video Tutorials

showing you (or your VA) exactly how to customize your template in Wix even if you aren’t very techy.


Website Copy Templates

that help you clearly articulate your guest journey and the experience they can expect with you, even if writing isn’t your strong suit. 

Real Life

success stories

"Laura's template made the entire process a breeze.


The resources provided were incredibly user-friendly, guiding us step by step through the customization of our site with our branding and logos. The simplicity of the template didn't compromise on style or functionality—it struck the perfect balance.


The attention to detail and thoughtful design elements truly shine through. The template not only met but exceeded our expectations, giving our micro salon's online presence a fresh and modern look."


- Shawna, Chair & Beyond

Imagine This

You’ve clearly defined who your dream guest is, and speaking directly to them feels easy and comfortable.

It’s easy for you to tell potential guests exactly what you do, what’s different about you, and why you’re the perfect fit for them.

You have an elevated funnel experience, meaning when a potential guest connects with you, you send them right to your gorgeous website and straight into your chair.

You can effectively “stop the scroll,” get potential guests off Instagram, and actually booked with you.

You start seeing tons of new guests requests as a result of google searches, not just social media!

Almost every single new guest request you receive is your DREAM client, and they have so much trust and respect for you from the very beginning.

Plug & Play Wix Website TemplateFor Hairstylists

Plug & Play Wix Website Template

valued at $97

The Brand Builder's Blueprint Trainings

valued at $37

3 Detailed Video Tutorials

valued at $49

Website Copy Templates

valued at $29


You'd pay up to $399

for just a website template, and little to no support on how to actually customize and implement it…

I'm not going to charge you even close to that amount.

If you purchase today I’m not going to charge you $399, or even the regular price of $244…

I want as many hairstylists as possible to transform their career with an elevated online presence and beautifully designed website which is why…

I’m giving you the entire Plug & Play Wix Website Template for Hairstylists System for only


Normally $244
Exclusive savings ends soon


Now I know that seems like a huge discount, and it is!

I’m offering this irresistible savings because I know how important it is for hairstylists to have a branded website, and I want to make having a high converting website achievable for everyone.

But wait, there's more.

I’m going to throw in a BONUS 3-day social media campaign outline (valued at $32) to help you successfully announce your new website!

If you know me, you know I’m a giver and I love helping stylists create incredible DIY websites… but these savings will only be around for a little while.

I know that investing in your online presence can be scary, and you might even wonder if it's worth it…
But I have to ask,

What is not having a website that magnetizes your dream clients costing you? 

Remember, if you can’t get your clients off Instagram and Facebook, they’re going to scroll onto the next stylist. Which is exactly why having a branded website is an absolute must.

Click BUY NOW below and checkout with the email you want to use for your login.

Check your email- all the supporting materials will be instantly delivered to your email, and the website template will be delivered within 24 hours M-F.

Accept the website transfer within 3 days. After that the website template is yours to edit on your own timeline!

Because of the nature of digital products, no returns or refunds will be accepted.

The Plug & Play Wix Website Template

for Hairstylists

How to Convert your followers to loyal clients with a Plug & Play Wix Website Template for Hair Stylists in as little as two days.


With this customizable template, you can have a stunning website up and running in as little as two days. Plus, our brand builders blueprint workbook and video training will guide you through crafting your brand voice to help convert your followers into loyal clients. And with video tutorials and website copy templates provided, you'll have all the tools you need to create a professional and effective website that showcases your skills and services.